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Working Papers

The Impact of Carbon Trading on Manufacturing: Evidence from German Firms (with Sebastian Petrick). Kiel Working Paper No. 1912, March 2014.

The Causal Effects of the European Union Emissions Trading Scheme: Evidence from French Manufacturing Plants (with Jonathan Colmer, Ralf Martin and Mirabelle Muûls), Draft. November 2013.

Carbon Markets, Carbon Prices and Innovation: Evidence from Interviews with Managers, (with Ralf Martin and Mirabelle Muûls), Draft. December 2012.

Climate Change Policies and Innovation: Evidence from Patent Counts (with Ralf Martin), Draft. June 2009.

Articles in Refereed Journals

Strategic Uncertainty, Indeterminacy, and the Formation of International Environmental Agreements. Oxford Economic Papers, 2017, with D. Narita. [WP download]

Estimating Strategic Models of International Treaty Formation. Review of Economic Studies, 2016.  

The Impact of the EU Emissions Trading System on Regulated Firms: What is the Evidence after Ten Years? Review of Environmental Economics and Policy, 2016, with R. Martin and M. Muûls. [WP download]

The Impact of a Carbon Tax on Manufacturing: Evidence from Microdata. Journal of Public Economics, 2014, with R. Martin and L. de Preux.

On the Empirical Content of Carbon Leakage Criteria in the EU Emissions Trading Scheme. Ecological Economics, 2014, with R. Martin, M. Muûls and L. de Preux.

Industry Compensation Under Relocation Risk: A Firm-level Analysis of the EU Emissions Trading Scheme. American Economic Review, 2014, with R. Martin, M. Muûls and L. de Preux.

Anatomy of a Paradox: Management Practices, Organizational Structure and Energy EfficiencyJournal of Environmental Economics and Management, 2012, with R. Martin, M. Muûls and L. de Preux. 

Energy Use Patterns in German Industry: Evidence from Plant-level Data. Jahrbücher für Nationalökonomie und Statistik, 2011, with K. Rehdanz and S. Petrick.

Agglomeration Effects in Foreign Direct Investment and the Pollution Haven Hypothesis. Environmental and Resource Economics, 2009, with C. Timmins. [WP download]

The Voluntary Provision of a Pure Public Good? Another Look at CFC Emissions and the Montreal Protocol. Oxford Economic Papers, 2009. [WP download]

The Design of Stable International Environmental Agreements: Economic Theory and Political Economy. Journal of Economic Surveys, 2001. [WP download]

Book Chapters

Trading Behavior in the EU Emissions Trading Scheme. In: Gronwald, M. and Hintermann, B. (eds.), Emissions Trading Systems as a Policy Instrument: Evaluation and Prospects, MIT Press, Cambridge, MA, 2015, with Ralf Martin and Mirabelle Muûls. [WP download]

Interactions between Selected Energy Use and Production Characteristics of German Manufacturing Plants. In: Moshfegh, B. (ed.), World Renewable Energy Congress – Sweden, 8-13 May, 2011: 867-874. Linköping, Sweden, 2011, with Sebastian Petrick and Katrin Rehdanz.